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Decorating with Pine & Twigs for the Winter

Hi everyone.  My name is Cheryl and I am the owner of Kindred Spirit Primitives. Today I want to share with you some of the displays I do when I have my Christmas Open House.  I have this every year at my home.  We live in West Central Wisconsin so we have a lot of pine and birch trees.  We also have red dogwood that grows wild all over the place.  It is just beautiful in the winter!

Decorating with TwigsGenerally about two weeks before the open house my sisters and I go "Twiggin'".  That is what we affectingly  call the few hours we spend in the truck driving all over the country side looking for greens and sticks to cut.  So far we have managed not to get ourselves thrown in jail by accidently  picking on private property!  LOL!!  But I must say we do get a few people that stop because they think we are stranded along side of the road or wonder what we are doing in the ditches! We come home with a truck full of birch branches, pines, red dogwood and the occasional string of dried pods or bird nests.

We bring it home and pile it all in the front yard and I start to decorate the front porch and yard.   Over the years I have collected a lot of old galvanized tubs and containers.  In the summer I plant flowers in them but in the winter I love filling them with pine and twigs.  It is such an inexpensive way to decorate for the winter season!  We live on 20 acres and we planted over 10 thousand trees quite a few years ago.  Now they are big enough for us to trim the bottom branches.  It is great to get the pine right from the back yard!   I like to mix my pines when I display.  I think it gives it more dimension and it looks more interesting.  Stick a birdhouse, snowman or a star in among the greens.  It will look great!

Decorating with PineIn these pictures I have three or four different types of pine along with some cedar and red dog wood.  Sometimes I will add a few sticks from birch trees or get a long piece of grape vine ( it's everywhere around here)!!  I will twine that in and around my greens.  If you leave the dirt in your pots from the summer, it is a lot easier to keep your greens in place, but one word of caution!  If you are displaying in an old crock, make sure it is somewhere where water cannot collect in it and freeze!  You would not be too happy to see your beautiful crock cracked and in pieces!  :-( 

When I am decorating  I put greens in anything that stands still!    I fill my wash tubs and old buckets.  I have an old wood box and a wooden wagon by my front door.  Those are the first things I fill.  They always get the interesting things we may have found while "twiggin'"    I also like to tuck the greens between pieces that are displayed on the front porch.  I add some white lights and wha lah!!  You have a winter wonderland!  If you live in an area that gets snow you know what I am talking about.  That first snow where it lightly covers the pine and white lights is enough to take your breath away!  So go and get yourselves a load of greens and start decorating!!  It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!  :-)

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